About Idaho Wild Sheep

The Mission

The mission of Idaho Wild Sheep is to enhance wild sheep populations in Idaho, and with partners in adjacent states, for public enjoyment, education, and fair chase hunting; to promote professional wildlife management, and protect sportsmen's rights.



The Idaho Wild Sheep was founded in 1982 by two dozen concerned sportsmen who wanted to “put more bighorns on Idaho’s mountains”.

From that core group, many of which are still very active on our board and committees, we have grown to a thriving organization with over 400 committed members.

2018 Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation Annual Banquet and Fundraiser is set for Saturday, March 17, 2018!

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Open Raffle for Dall Sheep Hunt
with Midnight Sun Safaris


Dall Raffle Flyer (PDF)

Dall Raffle Entry Form (PDF)

Life Member Raffle for Stone Sheep Hunt
with Tuchodi River Outfitters


Life Membership Application
or call 208-345-6171

Stone Sheep Hunt Life Member Raffle (PDF)


List of the Games

  1. Heads or Tails Sponsored by KUIU and Swarovski Optik
  2. Guns and Roses Sponsored by Desert Hunt
  3. Cooler of Liquor Sponsored by Civilware, Powell’s Body Shop and Advantage Archery
  4. Hat Game Sponsored by Kryptek, Weatherby, Vortex and Wright Brothers
  5. Sheep Board Sponsored by Prairie Mountain Wildlife Studio
  6. Card Game Sponsored by Mountain Archery, Deadline Outfitters and Advantage Archery

Raffle Hunts

10 days, Alaskan Dall sheep with Coke Wallace, Midnight Sun Safaris

Open Raffle, need not be present to win!

1 ticket $100, 6 tickets for $500

Drawing at the IWSF Banquet, March 17th, 2018.

Hunt dates are dates are August 21-30, 2018.







Must be IDWSF Life Memberor Centennial Life Member to enter raffle.
Winner chosen March 17, 2018 at IDWSF Banquet.

Hunt is August 1st - 14th, 2018.  Exclusive guiding rights to over 4 million acres of remote wilderness renowned as one of the premier stone sheep areas in beautiful northeastern British Columbia.  This area has produced trophy rams for generations! Most rams harvested are the much sought-after darker color phase

Winner is responsible for air charter, travel and lodging before and after hunt, and tag and license fees including taxes. To become a Life Member visit www.idahowildsheep.org, or call 208-345-6171.


Live Auction


Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt for 1 Hunter                   Dillinger River Outfitters
Sheep hunters fulfill your dream with this hunt.
10 day fully guided Dall Sheep hunt for 1 hunter with Dillinger River Outfitters (DRO) You pick the year, hunt 2018 or 2019. The season runs from August 10th to September 20th, contact DRO for scheduling.   Upgrades are available for Caribou, Moose, and Bear, as well as for additional hunters.

Dillinger River Outfitters is an outfitter and guide service based in the world-famous Alaska Range. Bordered on the east by Denali National Park, with over 3 million permitted acres to hunt, and nearly 100 miles from the nearest road, DRO is sure to exceed your expectations of true Alaskan wilderness. Specializing in remote fly-in hunting, the knowledgeable guides and staff are passionate about the pursuit and determined to ensure you a safe and successful experience. Rams harvested at DRO are 8 – 10 years old, and average 36” – 38” length. The remote portions of the Alaska Range have historically produced several rams each year over 40” length. Donated by Dillinger River Outfitters 



Lynx Hunt, British Columbia, Canada
Jeff Baher Trophy Hunting

Hunt is for 2018. Jeff Baher Trophy Hunting has over 20 years guiding and running hounds for the beautiful Canadian Lynx! On this hunt you will experience the thrill of running hounds with Jeff in pursuit for this elusive feline. Additional hunters welcome for $3,850.00 each

Not Included: Air transportation to and from Fort St John, BC.   Gratuities      
Lodging before and after the hunt.  Licenses, Tag and Hunter Preservation Fund+Cites and Shipping of your trophy+5% GST ($100 + 5% GST)   

Donated by  Jeff Baher Trophy Hunting     jeffbahertrophyhunting.com



Asian Mountain Outfitters offers a unique and adventurous mountain hunting experience in Kyrgyzstan, for one of most incredible mountain sheep in the world, the majestic Marco Polo. This is actually the Hume Argali, a subspecies of the Marco Polo sheep.  This hunt can be upgraded to a Tajikistan Marco Polo, with the hunters playing the difference in price between the two. 

The hunt will be Oct. or Nov. 2018; it is approximately 7-8 days of hunting, plus travel.  Arrangements can be made to postpone hunt until 2019

Hunt is conducted on horseback/foot in high elevations (11,000-13,500’).  Most of the hunting areas have a heated house or cabin and if spiking out, the hunter will use backpack style tents.  This is not a North American Hunt; hunters need to be prepared for cultural/language differences, long range and sometimes quick shooting (proficient at 500+ yards).  The climates are similar to the high & dry areas of CO, NM and NV. All Kyrgyzstan hunting licenses and fees are included;

Upgrades: Add a non-hunter for $2,500.  If space is available, an additional hunter is $27,500 for one Marco Polo.  A Mid-Asian Ibex can be added to this hunt for an additional $5,000.00. Typical sizes for Marco Polo Rams are 47”-52” and Ibex range average 38”-46”. Considerably larger animals of both species have been taken.

Not included: the flight to and from Bishkek via Turkish Air/Istanbul, Airport VIP service, meals and lodging while in Bishkek (usually 2-3 nights), shipping of trophies home and staff tips

Asian Mountain Outfitters works with partners in several different hunting areas. Our Managers/partners will meet clients at airport and assist in all aspects of the hunts.  The best local guides typically do not speak English, but are skilled hunters and horsemen.  If it is your first trip to Central Asia, we can arrange a Western/English speaking guide to accompany you (price is a minimum of $5,000 USD plus all their travel and trip expenses).  Donated by Asian Mountain Outfitters  



Mountain Caribou, Wolf, and Wolverine, North West Territories, Canada        Gana River Outfitters

12 days horseback, July 28 – Aug 8, 2018 (these dates only).
Here is your opportunity to hunt Mountain caribou while riding and camping in the Canadian wilderness.  This hunt with Gana River Outfitters allows you to harvest a caribou in the velvet and to enjoy the warm weather and long days of summer.

  • The hunter will be paired with a hunter from the Eastern Chapter WSF for a 2 – 1 hunt.
  • North West Territory hunting license and caribou tag are donated by Gana River Outfitters
  • Optional Wolf & wolverine with appropriate tags.
    The hunter is responsible for purchase of Wolf, Wolverine tags and/or fishing license.
  • Fishing available at base camp.

Hunter will need to fly to Norman Wells, NWT. Then charter a flight to the Gana lodge (about $1,500 CD round trip.) Canadian Government Harvest fee of $400CD, $220 on wolf/wolverine. No additional hunters or non-hunters. Donated by Gana River Outfitters 



Scotland Red Stag Hunt
International Adventures Unlimited

1 hunter for Red Stag (Hill stag), 5 days, Scotland
This complete hunting package that includes hunting guides, harvesting and trophy fees one Red Stag, pickup at the airport, meals, lodging at a luxurious hotel, tour guides, and meals.
Hunt is for September/October 2018 if available or 2019.  Upgrades available for Estate Red Stags, Roe Deer, Fallow Deer, Soay Ram, Hebridean Ram, Pheasant, Partridge, Ducks, Geese. 

Additional hunters for $3,750. Non-hunter package ($1,950) includes local tours of castles, lochs and shopping.  Also available: international airfare included for $1,000 (per person). On the estate; Horseback riding, fishing and golf on the Royal family’s private course.  Donated by International Adventures Unlimited    internationaladventuresunlimited.com


Mid-Asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan  or Tajikistan.     Asian Mountain Outfitters

Asian Mountain Outfitters offers a unique and adventurous mountain hunting experience for Mid-Asian Ibex in either Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan.  This is not a North American Hunt; hunters need to be prepared for cultural/language differences, long range and sometimes quick shooting (proficient at 500+ yards).  The climates are similar to the high & dry areas of CO, NM and NV. Hunters have the option of shooting a second Ibex ($5,000), Roe Buck (Kyrgyz) or Wild Boar (Tajik) on a trophy fee basis.

This Ibex hunt includes 5-7 hunting days. It requires a hunter to be relatively fit and experienced in mountain hunting.  Typical Ibex size ranges from 38 - 47”, average is about 42/43”.  Ibex over 47” are possible, for very fit and tough hunters willing to spike out in often harsh conditions.  Some hunting areas have bigger Ibex and some have easier hunting/access with nice camps. A non-horseback hunt (using pack donkeys and foot/jeep hunting) can be done in Tajikistan. 
The hunt is for 2018, but arrangements can be made for 2019.  The most hunt are Sept. and Oct., but the season runs from August 15th thru Dec. 1st in Kyrgyzstan and Sept. 1st through Feb. 28th in Tajikistan.  All hunting licenses and fees are included in the hunt. 

Not included:  flight to and from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan or Dushanbe, Tajikistan via Turkish Air/Istanbul, airport VIP service, meals and lodging while in Bishkek (usually 2-3 nights), shipping of trophies home, staff tips.

Asian Mountain Outfitters works with partners in several different hunting areas.  Our Manager/interpreter/partners will meet clients at airport and assist in all aspects of the hunts.  The best local guides typically do not speak English, but are skilled hunters and horsemen.  If it is your first trip to Central Asia, we can arrange a Western/English speaking guide to accompany you (price is a minimum of $5,000 USD plus all their travel and trip expenses).  Hunters who elect to hunt with just the local guides need to be able to assist in trophy judging & oversee skin preparations. The best attitude is to go prepared as if it is a Self-guided hunt, combined with local guides.  This hunt can be upgraded to a Hume Argali in Kyrgyzstan or a Marco Polo in Tajikistan. Donated by Asian Mountain Outfitters   asianmountainoutfitters.com


African Safari,   Graham Sales Safaris  - Featured in the IWSF fall Journal -

7 Full Hunting Days for 2 Hunters.  You choose between the Limpopo Province or Eastern Cape Province safaris.  Includes trophy fees for 7 animals!

• Transportation during the Safari • All meals, soft drinks & bottled water • Accommodation during the Safari • All field preparation of trophies • Experienced, fully licensed PH • Filming of the Safari • Transportation of trophies to Taxidermist in South Africa.  Upgrades available for: additional days, addition hunters, non-hunters, other game, photo safari to Kruger National Park, and Cape Town tours.

Trophy Fees included:

Limpopo Province                  
2 x Impala                              
2 x Warthog                           
To share between hunters:   
1 x Blue Wildebeest               
1 x Black-backed Jackal 1       
1 x Common Duiker               

Eastern Cape Province
2 x Common Springbok
2 x Warthog
To share between hunters:
1 x Mountain Reedbuck
1 x Common Blesbok
1 x Steenbok

Not Included: Gratuities • All alcoholic beverages • Accommodations prior/after Safari • Arrival day @ $ 350/person (includes transfer from and to nearest International airport to Safari Camp) • All airfare • 15 % Gov. tax on value of daily rate ($1,050) • Editing of Safari footage.



Iberian Mouflon Sheep Hunt in Spain
Eurohunts Spain

5 day rifle or bow customized hunt for 1 hunter and 1 non-hunter. Includes; Mouflon sheep trophy fee, trophy field preparation and trophy scoring, airport reception, clearance of guns, Spanish airport Gun permit, Professional (1x1) English speaking hunting guide, Local guides/rangers with SUV & 4x4 cars, all ground transportation and airport transfers Madrid/Madrid, Luxury country hotel near the hunting area, unique Mediterranean cuisine including beers and Spanish wines. Donated by Alvaro Villegas of Eurohunts Spain    www.EUROHUNTS.ES


Mountain Goat Hunt, BC, Canada
Terminus Mountain Outfitters

10 days, 1 hunter. Hunt is for 2018 or 2019. Final hunt dates to be scheduled with Outfitter. Terminus Mountain Outfitters has a healthy mountain goat population. These billies will have their winter coats, which makes for beautiful life-size mounts. Be prepared to do some climbing to access the goats (After all, this is a mountain goat hunt.) and on occasion to wait for the goats to feed into an area, that you can access. Terminus Mountain Outfitters encourage harvesting of billies only. Lodging and meals included. Additional hunters $12,500.00 each, Non-hunters $4,000.00

Not Included: Air transportation to and from Fort Nelsen, BC, Air charter to base Camp ($1,500.00 + 5% GST), Gratuities, Lodging before and after the hunt, License, Tag and Hunter Preservation fund. ($800.00 + 5% GST). Donated by With Terminus Mountain Outfitters www.terminusmountain.com


Idaho Cow Elk Hunt +Youth hunter for Free!         Big Lost River Outfitters

Make some family memories!  You and a youth hunter both get to hunt cow elk

3-day cow Elk hunt with Big Lost River Outfitters. Hunt is for 2018. Hunt is for 3-days to be scheduled over a weekend. Arriving at the BLRO lodge on a Thursday night departing on the following Sunday night.   Hunt includes the Outfitter allocated controlled hunt tag(s). Winning bidder can bring a youth hunter at no additional charge, with the exception of having to pay the Idaho Fish and Game license and tag fees. Final hunt dates to be scheduled with Outfitter.

Donated by Big Lost River Outfitters    www.biglostriveroutfitters.com


African Safari
Trompetters Fontein Safaris and Hunting Lodge

2 hunters for 6 Days.  Includes trophy fees for 8 animals!   Each hunter receives trophy fees for an Impala, a Blesbuck, a Warthog, and a Blue Wildebeest. All-inclusive from airport pickup, through the hunt to your airport drop off.  Stay in luxurious chalets and enjoy delicious local cuisine.  Upgrades for additional animals and non-hunters are available.  Additional hunters $300/day.  Hunt is for 2018 or 2019.

Not included: dip & shipping of your trophies for exportation, gun permit to bring your own rifle, gratuities, alcoholic beverages. Donated by Trompetters Fontein Safaris and Hunting Lodge  



Scotland Roe Bucks (2)
International Adventures Unlimited

On the Royal family’s Balmoral Estate (We’re not kidding. Google it!)

Hunt the secretive Roe Buck in the same woodlands that Royals have hunted for centuries.
Perfect for a bit of hunting during a European vacation.

5 Day Hunt for 1 hunter for 2 Roe Bucks.  Hunt 2018 (if available) or 2019.
Roe buck are usually hunted May – June (their rut), but can be hunted in the fall too.
Includes pickup at airport, meals, lodging at the luxurious Gen Lui Hotel, tour guides, and the complete hunting package that includes hunting guides, harvesting and trophy fees for two Roe Bucks. 
Additional hunters $3,950.  Non-hunter package ($1,950) includes local tours of castles, lochs and shopping.  Also available: international airfare included for $1,000 (per person). On the estate; Horseback riding, fishing and golf on the Royal family’s private course.           

Donated by International Adventures Unlimited



Aoudad Hunt, Texas
Point Blank Hunts

Here’s the chance to hunt sheep without having to draw a tag.  An aoudad ram is challenging to hunt and is a beautiful addition to anyone’s trophy room.

4 day/5 night aoudad hunt for one hunter in Texas Hill country (2 hrs. west of San Antonio.) Free range on private land. Free range axis deer and/or blackbuck may be added at regular trophy fees. Dates are mid Feb to early May 2018 or 2019.  Includes accommodation and meals at local venues.  Donated by Point Blank Hunts            Pointblankhunts.com


New Zealand Bull Tahr
Southern Mountain Adventures

- Featured in the IWSF fall Journal -
Hunt the majestic Himalayan bull tahr in New Zealands’ Southern Alps with renowned Kiwi outfitter Croc Adams. 
5-day hunt for one hunter and one non-hunter.  Typical hunts are from March through June.  Package includes pick-up and drop off at Queenstown Airport, transport, guiding, food and accommodation during the hunt   Also included are the use of a rifle and field preparation of trophies for shipment to your taxidermist.  Hunt is scheduled for 2018 but may be delayed until 2019.  Upgrade to include Red Stag and Chamois for additional trophy fees.

Many IWSF members have hunted with Croc. They stayed in his cabin while enjoying the hunt, the views, and the company.  Now it’s your turn to experience this hunt. 

Donated by Southern Mountain Adventures            www.southernmountainadventures.com


Argentina Dove Hunt
Wing Shooters Unlimited

Experience this unique dove hunt in Argentina with you and four of your friends.  This is your opportunity to sharpen your shotgun skills with thousands of dove and almost constant flights. 

Package is for 5 hunters and includes 6 dove hunts/hunter, 3 hunt days, 4 nights at La Pichona Lodge, all meals and snacks, all drinks, hunting permit, ground transportation from and to Santiago del Estero airport.  English speaking guides and staff will provide excellent hunting and choice meals showcasing Argentinian wine and beef.   Waterfowl hunting and additional hunters at special rate. 

Not included: shotgun shells ($13/box of 25), tips, hunting license, flights to Santiago.

Donated by Cordoba Hunting, Wing Shooting Unlimited.  wingshootingunlimited.com


Moose Hunt, 10 Day Horseback
in British Columbia, Canada

Little Dease Adventures

10 day horseback moose hunt in British Columbia, Canada with Little Dease Adventures.    Sept. 11-20 2019 firm!  Hunt on horseback but, sleep in cabins with bunks.  An epic wilderness hunt with some rustic comforts.  Upgrades: Mountain Caribou can be added for a $5,500 harvest fee.  Additional hunter: $13,500 1 guide for each hunter.
Not included items: float plane charter in and out of camp -$600 appx, hunting License and Tags -$500 appx. Shipping/crating of trophies if traveling by air. Travel to and from Dease Lake BC.

Donated by Little Dease Adventures   www.littledeaseventures.com

Auction Items

Trips, Gears, Art, Jewelry, etc.

Mexico Vacation Package,
8 days & 7 nights for two

Choose from resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, or Cabo San Lucas

?Cerveza en la playa?

Mexico Get Away for two adults, seven nights in deluxe accommodations in beautiful Mexico.  Here is your chance to enjoy the culture, warm sands and surf of either Cancun, Cabo, or Puerto Vallarta. Yes, you make the choice of any of the three destinations and arrange your trip through a private travel consultant.  Your hotel is covered (tax included).  Upgrades are available bundle flights and food and beverage packages.   Good until Feb 2020!

Donated by Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation


Hells Canyon Jet Boat
Killgore Adventures Hells Canyon

2 Person Wild River Tour on Killgore Adventures. During a 6 hour tour you will see the deepest most rugged part of Hells Canyon. Our jet boats will take you through all of the Wild River section and the Natural Preserve area and through all the biggest whitewater rapids in Hells Canyon. Meet Kilgore staff in White Bird, Idaho and they will take care of the rest. The tour includes stops at the many historical and scenic sites, endless wildlife sightings, lunch, beverages and a stop at the end of the tour for a swim on the beach. 2018 only. Donated by Killgore Adventures Hells Canyonwww.killgoreadventures.com


WSF 2019 Reno Sheep Show
Registration for two.

Includes Full Access to all banquets & shows for all three days. These registrations include access to all the banquets, shows and events, including floor passes to the Expo building.

Donated by Gray Thornton WSF


Idaho Statewide Bighorn Sheep
Lottery Ticket #1

The first Idaho sheep lottery ticket was purchased by Stan Potts.  This historic ticket is now on display in a plaque at the Idaho Fish & Game Dept. Trophy Room.  The winning bidder will have his/her name engraved on the plaque which will remain on display at F & G headquarters.  The annual auction is specifically dedicated to raising funds for the Idaho bighorn sheep program.  Be a part of Idaho’s wildlife history!  Donated by Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation


Oregon Fishing Trip, one day for two people
Nomad’s Fishing Adventures

You choose; Salmon, Steelhead, Kokanee, Sturgeon, Ling Cod, or Rock Fish. 
Choose the fishing that you enjoy!  It can be drift boats for salmon or steelhead, ocean bottom fish, or big river sturgeon.  Nomads Fishing Adventures do it all!

Includes all needed fishing rods and gear.  All you need to bring is food, beverage, fishing licenses and tags, a cooler for your fish.  Donated by Nomad’s Fishing Adventures   www.nomadsfishingadventures.com


Custom Moose Horn Antler Engraved with Bighorn Sheep motif

Beautiful craftsmanship in this piece of art. 
A perfect addition to the front room or to the man cave.

Donated by Jason McNutt


Montana House Donated by the Higgins Family. 

Six days five nights at a private cabin located in Darby, MT which sits in the heart of Montana’s Bitterroot Valley.  The Bitterroot River provides great fishing and rafting opportunities throughout the summer and early fall.  Located in prime Elk, Deer, and Bear hunting country during the fall the cabin also makes for a great hunting lodge during the fall and winter months.  The cabin sits on 23 private acres bordering National Forest providing a quiet get away.  The 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom cabin can sleep 10 people comfortably and has a full wrap around porch with a walk-off hot tub which looks up at the Bitterroot Range.  This is a great location for families and sportsman alike.  To be used in 2018, reservations are flexible year around excluding major holidays.  Donated by the Higgins Family


Deer Size Shoulder Mount (1),
plus a European Mount. 

Mitch and his talented crew of taxidermist/artists have won many national, regional and state taxidermy awards.  The mantra of Imperial Taxidermy is “from a vision to reality.” Mitch and his crew have examples of their extraordinary taxidermy displayed tonight.  Preserve your memories with outstanding taxidermy.

Donated by Mitch Sanchotena, Imperial Taxidermy. 


Jamaica Vacation, 7 days & 6 nights for two.

7 Days 6 Nights Tropical Get Away for two adults in deluxe accommodations in beautiful Jamaica.  Your deluxe hotel and room tax is included for your getaway to the warm sun, sand and waters that Jamaica has to offer for those weary of the cold. No booking fees, blackout dates, and a private travel consultant will help you with the arrangements into any of dozens of hotels. Upgrades are available to bundle flights and food and beverage packages. Good until Feb 2020!  Donated by Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation


Idaho WSF Life Membership,
2018 Banquet Buckle, & IDWSF Engraved Magnum Bottle of Wine

Bid on this beautiful Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation Banquet Buckle – a Life Membership worth $500.00 comes along with it!!  Built by Montana Silversmiths.  This is a beautiful silver buckle one can wear with pride to show your support for Idaho’s bighorn sheep.  It automatically places you in the life membership drawing for the Stone Sheep hunt in just a few minutes!  INCLUDES IDWSF ENGRAVED MAGNUM BOTTLE OF WINE. Remember to get your name in the Life Member Special Raffle!

Donated by Idaho Chapter WSF 


Caribbean Vacation, 7 Days 6 Nights for two.

Choose between Jamaica, Costa Rico or Punta Cana.

7 Days 6 Nights Winter Get Away for two adults in deluxe accommodations in the beautiful Caribbean.  Here is another chance to escape the cold and enjoy the warm temperatures, beaches and culture of the Caribbean. Your own private travel consultant will make this an effortless experience.  There is a choice of numerous hotels in each location and your room costs, including room taxes, are included (must be used within a year).  Upgrades are available through the travel agent to bundle flights and food and beverage packages.  Good until Feb 2020!  Donated by Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation


Life Membership,
National Wild Sheep Foundation.

Purchase this level of membership and distinguish yourself a major supporter of the Wild Sheep Foundation. 

No annual membership fees and includes a plaque, pin, with a certificate to enter you into a drawing for a wild sheep hunt, to be given away at the 2019 Life Membership Breakfast.  The winning bidder can upgrade to a Summit Life Member and to be given two chances in this drawing. 

Donated by Gray Thornton, Wild Sheep Foundation


Bighorn Sheep Bronze, "Quick Decent"
Allen Malaise

A graceful piece of art that shows the strength of a bighorn ram.
Local artist Allen Malaise of Eagle, Idaho.

Limited Edition #2 of 30    Donated by Allen Malaise


German Shorthair Puppy, female
STG Hunting Dogs

This 12 weeks old pup is the perfect age to train this summer and hunt with this fall.
Female AKC Registered Solid Black German Shorthair Pointer from STG Hunting Dogs.

Bred from: Sire; Solid Black Top Gun Mr. October Reggie AKC Master Hunter.  Dame; Liver roan STG Hillbilly’s Jumping The Fence Tiger. Both parents are OFA hip certified.  Pup is registered AKC but must be NAVHDA or AKC hunt Tested for papers to be released for breeding.  The breeder will be at the event to answer any questions prior to the auction.  Donated by STG Hunting Dogs     www.STGkennels.com


6.5 Creedmoor Kimber MT Ascent rifle
with Leupold scope

This is a sheep hunter’s rifle!
A lightweight accurate rifle, in a caliber famed for long range precision.  Comes with a Leupold VX-6HD/3-18x44 scope and a Boyt Harness Long Gun Case to keep it all safe and secure.

For that added touch of class, “WSF” is Custom Engraved on the trigger guard.

Donated by Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation


Scenic Fly-in Breakfast by the Salmon River in the Frank Church Wilderness    Arnold Aviation

4 Person, with stop at Historic Sulphur Creek Ranch for Breakfast

What a way to go to breakfast! You and three friends fly to Sulphur Creek Ranch, a backcountry ranch with a grass landing strip.     The ranch is located in the mountains east of Cascade along Blue Moon Creek.  Enjoy a leisurely and scenic flight over the magnificent “Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness” with Arnold Aviation as a warm up to breakfast with family or friends at the historic Sulphur Creek Ranch. Nothing compares to a view of the Salmon River area from the air plus a breakfast to remember.  Contact us by April 15, 2018 to establish your breakfast dates from June 1 to September 30, 2018. 

Donated by Carol and Ray Arnold, Arnold Aviation.


Fly Fishing on the South Fork of the Snake RiverTidehead fly fishing

One fisherman, one day of guided fly fishing on the legendary South Fork of the Snake River.
Cast to native cutthroat trout while you drift boat though some of Idaho’s best scenery.

Everything is included; all tackle, lunch, drinks, and shuttle.  Donated by Tidehead fly fishing  www.tideheadflyfishing.com


Elmer Keith, Smith and Wesson Model 29 44 Mag Commemorative Handgun made in 1984.

With original presentation box and key. One of 2500.
Own a bit of history with this limited-edition revolver. 
Donated by Bruce Mincher


Idaho WSF Centennial Life Membership #7
with plaque & IDWSF Engraved Magnum Bottle of Wine

The Centennial Life Membership is the premier Life Member of the Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation. This is an exceptional commitment made by those Life Members which want to do more for Idaho’s Wild Sheep. The Centennial Ram is arguably Idaho’s most Iconic Bighorn Sheep and as such it is only fitting to recognize this Life Member as such. As a recognition for your investment with IDWSF we will be providing a Centennial Ram lapel with your donation.  In addition, Centennial Life Members receive a tax acknowledgment for tax purposes. We honor our Centennial Life Members at our Annual Banquets and will be provided 3 tickets for our annual Life Member raffles which take place at our banquet. This year’s Life Member raffle hunt is for Stone Sheep. Dues of Centennial Life Members will be used right here in our great state of Idaho ensuring lasting populations of this majestic species.  Donated by Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation


The Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation is involved in a number of activities, programs and issues dealing with bighorn sheep in the state of Idaho. The money raised during our banquet is used for operations, addressing pertinent bighorn conservation issues working on special projects, fighting political threats and keeping you our supporters informed and engaged. The links in the left margin of our home page highlights a few of the issues and programs IWSF has been involved with recently.

Funding, Sponsors and Donors

Funding for the Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation

Like any other non-profit 501-3-C organization, IWSF relies on revenues either raised at annual fund raising events and/or donations from individual sponsors or donors. That is the sum extent of monies the IWSF has to operate on annually; we do not have endowments or benefactors that augment or supplement our annual fund raising event.

Whether you are a sportsman, hunter or a wildlife advocate that believes strongly the bighorn resource of Idaho should be a sustained, preserved and increased for future generations, we need your support. At the close of every year, non-profit organizations, such as IWSF ask for donations which may help provide a business or individual relief to taxable income. If you are invested in Idaho and our wildlife resources, please consider a donation or include IWSF in your estate planning. Your gifts will truly be a reinvestment in a species that has occupied the mountains and canyon lands of Idaho for over 18,000 years. Bighorn sheep are survivors as evidenced by the fact animals like the Wooly Mammoths disappear from our landscape over 10,000 years ago. They survived very well until European man appeared with their associated impacts. This resource is in trouble and needs our help. Please contact our office if you have questions or would like help.

Please support our sponsors when you require their products