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The mission of Idaho Wild Sheep is to enhance wild sheep populations in Idaho, and with partners in adjacent states, for public enjoyment, education, and fair chase hunting; to promote professional wildlife management, and protect sportsmen's rights.

History: The Idaho Wild Sheep was founded in 1982 by two dozen concerned sportsmen who wanted to “put more bighorns on Idaho’s mountains”. From that core group, many of which are still very active on our board and committees, we have grown to a thriving organization with over 300 committed members. 

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30th Annual Bighorn Sheep Banquet Fundraiser

The Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation (IWSF) is a volunteer organization of sportsmen and bighorn conservation minded individuals who work to protect and enhance the bighorn resources of Idaho. Why the need to address this issue? During the settlement of Idaho by European man, bighorn were the dominant big game species (far larger numbers than elk of deer in Idaho) with estimates of 50,000+ bighorn. Due to a variety of reasons including overhunting, habitat competition from domestic animals and disease transmission from domestic sheep/goats to bighorn, bighorn numbers have been on a steady decline during the past century. Recently, both Rocky Mountain and California bighorn species have decreased over 50% in the last 20 years to approximately 3,000 total bighorn statewide; due primarily to the disease transmission issue (see bighorn disease link). Without the strong voice and support of sportsmen, this trend will continue!

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We need your help - Come support our 2015 Fund Raising Banquet

Banquet Highlights:

A sampling:

  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn Hunt in Alberta, 2016: - guides link: www.selkoutfitting.com
  • Dall Sheep Hunt in Alaska, 2016 (possibly 2015): - guides link:  letarte@alaska.net
  • Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt in Baja, California, Sur, Mexico with Ty Miller's El Fuerte Outfitter, 303 Magnolia Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. This package is a 10 day fully outfitted hunt for one hunter and up to two non-hunter guests free of charge. Hunt either 2015 or 2016. The hunt will take place in one of El Fuerte Outfitters several hunting areas in the mountain ranges between La Paz and Loreto in southern Baja, Mexico. www.bajabighornsheep.com Phone/Cell (011) 521-624-130-0421 E-mail ty@elfuerte.com
  • Special Life Member RaffleFannin sheep hunt 2015 – guide link:

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Carved Moose Horn Raffle

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Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation Rifle Raffle!

You can be the owner of the fifth of six custom-built commemorative Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation Rifles.

Edd Woslum of Evolution USA, donated a very similar to the National Wild Sheep Show for “Wounded Warriors” this past January. The rifle garnered $14,000 by one individual, returned it to the auction as a challenge and was resold for another $14,000. This type of quality rifle is highlighted as our 2015 Commemorative Rifle Raffle. The 2014 Commemorative Rifle was donated back by Mr. Pat Sewall of Boise and will be in the 2015 live auction. There are two opportunities to win a quality Evolution USA rifle: one through raffle or bid through auction.

This is a sampling of what will comprise a live auction of 30 items, a silent auction, a general raffle and special games. Rifles, shotguns, a gun safe, trips, art work, more hunts, hunting gear, custom fly rod, optics, auction of the 2014 Evolution USA custom rifle(returned for auction) and games/raffles. We have a special speaker, Greg Stube, and an evening of fun among other wild sheep advocates. Please come join us for an action-packed evening and support Idaho’s bighorn sheep!

2014 Commemorative Custom Rifle,
donated back by Mr. Pat Sewall of Boise Idaho

This item will be auctioned off in the Live Auction

  • Edd Woslum, Evolution USA, Whitebird Idaho
  • Custom authentic Pre-64 W Model 70 Winchester
  • Blue printed 1951 Winchester receiver
  • Krieger Custom match barrel chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum
  • Competition grade trigger
  • Super deluxe custom stock with ebony fore-end and pistol grip cap.
  • Deluxe field point checkering and hand rubbed London type oil finish
  • Decelerator recoil pad
  • Leupold 4.5-14, VX3 scope with Talley rings and mounts
  • Custom engraved floor plate “Idaho Wild Sheep Commemorative 2014”

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The Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation is involved in a number of activities, programs and issues dealing with bighorn sheep in the state of Idaho. The money raised during our banquet is used for operations, addressing pertinent bighorn conservation issues working on special projects, fighting political threats and keeping you our supporters informed and engaged. The links in the left margin of our home page highlights a few of the issues and programs IWSF has been involved with recently.

Funding, Sponsors and Donors

Funding for the Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation

Like any other non-profit 501-3-C organization, IWSF relies on revenues either raised at annual fund raising events and/or donations from individual sponsors or donors. That is the sum extent of monies the IWSF has to operate on annually; we do not have endowments or benefactors that augment or supplement our annual fund raising event.

Whether you are a sportsman, hunter or a wildlife advocate that believes strongly the bighorn resource of Idaho should be a sustained, preserved and increased for future generations, we need your support. At the close of every year, non-profit organizations, such as IWSF ask for donations which may help provide a business or individual relief to taxable income. If you are invested in Idaho and our wildlife resources, please consider a donation or include IWSF in your estate planning. Your gifts will truly be a reinvestment in a species that has occupied the mountains and canyon lands of Idaho for over 18,000 years. Bighorn sheep are survivors as evidenced by the fact animals like the Wooly Mammoths disappear from our landscape over 10,000 years ago. They survived very well until European man appeared with their associated impacts. This resource is in trouble and needs our help. Please contact our office if you have questions or would like help.

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