About Idaho Wild Sheep

The Mission

The mission of Idaho Wild Sheep is to enhance wild sheep populations in Idaho, and with partners in adjacent states, for public enjoyment, education, and fair chase hunting; to promote professional wildlife management, and protect sportsmen's rights.



The Idaho Wild Sheep was founded in 1982 by two dozen concerned sportsmen who wanted to “put more bighorns on Idaho’s mountains”. From that core group, many of which are still very active on our board and committees, we have grown to a thriving organization with over 400 committed members. 

2016 Banquet

Save the Date, February 27th 2016
Riverside Hotel Boise, Idaho

Our Board of directors has been making plans for the 2016 banquet and is looking forward to seeing our supporters. Quality raffle, special raffle, silent auction and live auction items will be featured to help raise funds for our various programs. The doors open at 4:00 for cocktails, games. 5:00 welcome and at 6:00 a quality dinner and guest speaker. We are very fortunate to have Shane Mahoney, an internationally noted conservationist and sportsman advocate, be our guest speaker. Read more about Shane in our 2016 banquet link. Below we have the Life Member Special Raffle Hunt information as well as a partial list of the auction items for this years event.

Life Member Special Raffle

The Life Member Special Raffle will be a 10 day Marco Polo hunt in Kyrgyzstan with $3,500 to help with travel expenses. Eligibility involves; must be a life member of the Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation, present at the time of the drawing and the winner can only gift the hunt to another Idaho WSF life member present in the room.

Life Member Marco Polo Hunt

10 day Marco Polo hunt in the Naryn region of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan) with “Hunting in Kyrgyzstan Outfitters” website; (hunting.kg) in October 2016. Exact dates TBD with outfitter and winner. This is a traditional hunt conducted on horseback which, although still a challenge, is less strenuous and suitable for hunters of almost any age or physical condition. Ibex may be added for a trophy fee of $3,500.00 if desired. Hunt is inclusive upon arrival in Bishkek, Kyrgzstan. Idaho Wild Sheep will include a $3,500.00 stipend to assist with airfare, tips and other expenses.

Additional Live Auction Hunts

  • Rohrer Bear Camp, Kodiak Island Sitka Blacktail deer hunt, six days. Hunter can take two deer as well as fox and ducks.
  • Grizzly Mountain Outfitters, northern Alberta large whitetail deer hunt. This hunt is in the rut with 160 + deer being taken.
  • West Texas free ranging Aoudad Hunt, four days, 100% and 98% success the past two past two years, Alazan hunts.
  • Africa Plains Hunt, four species, six days, all inclusive from South Africa airport and back. Trompettersfontein.com Bob Deklerk,
  • New Zealand hunt for Himalayan Bull Tahr, five days, with Croc Adams
  • Alberta Bighorn hunt with Skip Selk, 12 days of hunting, Selk's Bighorn hunts
  • Alvaro Villegas - Eurohunts, Iberian Mouflon or Red Stag, a four day free ranging hunt.
  • See 2016 Banquet page for more hunt information

All those interested in remote bidding, contact our office at 208-345-6171

Banquet Program (PDF)

Special Raffle Item
Alaska Range Dall sheep Hunt, with Coke Wallace
Horseback hunt

Only 200 tickets will be sold at $100.00 for this unique opportunity. Tickets can be bought online in advance of the banquet or at the banquet No limit to the number of tickets an individual can purchase. The winner does not have to be present at the drawing on February 27th. Contact Idaho Wild Sheep for tickets at 208-345-6171 or
e-mail to trowley@amsidaho.com

See 2016 Banquet for more information on additional auction items, silent auction and raffle.

2015 Life Member Winner of a Fannin Hunt
in the Yukon Territory
Steve Alderman

Left to right: Bryan Moore, Jason Pyron, Steve Alderman(winner), Brad Morlock and George Law

Steve Alderman winning Fannin Hunt March 21, 2015

Looking for a Christmas gift for a friend or relative, consider an Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation "Life Membership" purchase as a gift.

Moose Horn Carving Raffle
By Fred Waymire

Tickets are on for $10 or six for $50

Drawing will be held at the banquet in April, 2017 - Proceeds go to benefit the Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation.

More Information (PDF)


2015 Banquet

Our 30th anniversary was a tremendous success and a testimony to our many supporters and donors. The crowd of 400 raised $50,000 for wild sheep projects and conservation efforts. The record attendance and support mirrors the concern sportsmen have for a bighorn population in Idaho. The success of the event is rooted in the efforts and dedication of the charter members and all the subsequent officers and board of directors throughout the past three decades. We stand on the shoulders of their collective volunteer efforts and accomplishments which has been significant through that time span. Again, would like to thank all our supporters, donors, volunteers and sponsors who helped make this volunteer effort a success. Thank you!!


The Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation is involved in a number of activities, programs and issues dealing with bighorn sheep in the state of Idaho. The money raised during our banquet is used for operations, addressing pertinent bighorn conservation issues working on special projects, fighting political threats and keeping you our supporters informed and engaged. The links in the left margin of our home page highlights a few of the issues and programs IWSF has been involved with recently.

Funding, Sponsors and Donors

Funding for the Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation

Like any other non-profit 501-3-C organization, IWSF relies on revenues either raised at annual fund raising events and/or donations from individual sponsors or donors. That is the sum extent of monies the IWSF has to operate on annually; we do not have endowments or benefactors that augment or supplement our annual fund raising event.

Whether you are a sportsman, hunter or a wildlife advocate that believes strongly the bighorn resource of Idaho should be a sustained, preserved and increased for future generations, we need your support. At the close of every year, non-profit organizations, such as IWSF ask for donations which may help provide a business or individual relief to taxable income. If you are invested in Idaho and our wildlife resources, please consider a donation or include IWSF in your estate planning. Your gifts will truly be a reinvestment in a species that has occupied the mountains and canyon lands of Idaho for over 18,000 years. Bighorn sheep are survivors as evidenced by the fact animals like the Wooly Mammoths disappear from our landscape over 10,000 years ago. They survived very well until European man appeared with their associated impacts. This resource is in trouble and needs our help. Please contact our office if you have questions or would like help.

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