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A mutual MOU is going to be signed with National WSF creating a joint membership effort between the two groups. The development of the particular pricing levels is being established. In the interim, the standard Idaho WSF membership pricing will stay in effect. If parties do not wish to become members the National WSF, they will not have to. The choice is elective on each member’s wishes, but Idaho WSF encourages members to consider membership with National WSF. Over the years, National WSF has funded numerous bighorn projects and research efforts that were out of the grasp of the Idaho chapter. As an example, the grant in aid program in 2015 granted $40,000 toward allotment retirements in the Centennial range. The Idaho Chapter could afford $20,000, but $60,000 was well out of our reach. Mutual negotiations between National and the Idaho chapter with the United States Sheep Experiment Station out of Dubois; with a goal to abandon high elevation pastures in the Centennials for domestic sheep use. Mutually supporting and advocating for fair minded legislation for bighorn at the federal level, advocating for the continued use of the “Risk of Contact” in assessing the level of risk associated with domestic sheep to bighorn and hopeful establishment of legislative and conservation committee’s between national and the chapters and affiliates.

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