Idaho Wild Sheep Annual Banquet

Live Auction

Raffle Games, Silent Auction - High quality hunting gear, hunts, guns, art and MORE!

Selected Items Include

Long Range Rifle, 6.5PRC caliber from Best of the West Arizona

  • This is the rifle for that long range shot at the ram of a lifetime!
  • Best of the West long-range system featuring the Hunter Elite composite stock chambered in 6.5PRC! Topped with a Huskemaw 5-20×50 Blue Diamond scope with patented custom yardage/windage turrets. Feature a blue camo paint scheme, side-port muzzle brake, a #4 steel barrel with helical fluting and a Timney trigger.
  • The Huskemaw dual-stack yardage turrets will be calibrated for 4000/8000ft elevation and feature our patented integrated wind hold technology. Rife has an IDWSF logo painted on the rifle stock.
  • Package includes barrel break-in, data collection, 20 MOA rings, 20 rounds of ammo and a TSA approved Elite hard case.

Monster Mexican Mule Deer with HR Big Game Outfitters & Fishing Tours

Venado muy grande! 8 days, one hunter pursuing the Mule deer buck of your dreams. This hunt Includes 1 mule deer, deer tag, traditional meals, and lodging in comfortable accommodations. Transportation airport-ranch-airport, Truck with High Rack, 1 hunting guide and 1 driver. Additional hunter available at discounted rate.

Not included: Gun permit, Trophy Export and gratuities.

Alaskan Winter Predator trapline – Midnight Sun Safaris

7 Day Alaskan Winter Predator trapline and calling excursion in Central Alaska Range Northern Talkeetna Mountains. A true Jack London experience! This is a unique venture into the far north during winter; January or February of 2021 or 2022. Species available include, wolf, lynx, wolverine, coyote, and fox. Lodging, Room and Board are included. Guests stay in remote cabins with wood heat, propane lighting. Hunt takes place from snowmobile’s traveling trap lines as well as opportunity for predator calling in AK Wilderness. $450.00 License not included. No Tag Fee’s Required. Midnight Suns Safari staff will pick you up in Fairbanks, AK.

Additional Hunter for $6,500.

Midnight Sun Outfitting Fannin Sheep Hunt

12-day Fannin sheep with the in the Yukon with Midnight Sun Outfitters August 10th – August 21st 2020.

This will be a horseback/back pack hunt Located in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Hunt details will be finalized between winner of the hunt auction and Midnight Sun Outfitting.

Midnight Sun Outfitting is among few that offer both Dall sheep and Fannin sheep hunts. Fannin are a sub-species of the Stone Sheep and characterized by black hairs in the sheep’s coat as well as a dark tint to the horns. Fannin sheep qualify under Boone and Crocket as a stone sheep, therefore Midnight Sun Outfitters offers two species of sheep which is rare and exciting. . Hunting Concession #4 has won numerous awards for the wildlife that are harvested, sheep in particular. GST, air charter, nonresident hunter preservation fund, hunting licenses and tags are included for this hunt.

Not included in the hunt are:

Travel to Dawson City, Yukon Canada
Lodging and meals before and after the hunt
Trophy prep and shipping

Idaho Bighorn Lottery Ticket #1

Bring in Good Luck & Sheep Karma with the 2020 Idaho Bighorn Lottery Ticket #1. First Purchased by Stan Potts in 1994. Purchaser will have their name engraved on a plaque kept on display at IDFG Headquarters in Boise, ID and will be entered into the Statewide Lottery Tag. Tag will be drawn last Wednesday of July, 2020.

Mystery Safe – Franklin Colonial 30 Gun safe filled with surprise treasures!

Brought to us by Al’s Pawn and Gun in Caldwell, ID.

• 60 minute of certified fire protection

• 11-gauge steel safety body

• Up to 10-1/4 thick locking bars

• 3-in-1 flex interior

• Economy-style interior door panel

· 6-IN1 Flex interior

• Color: Grey Gloss

• Lifetime Warranty, Made in the USA

The mysterious contents are valuable, but you have to buy it, to open it.

“The Duke” replica on an aluminum Idaho stand

The Duke was named after American legend John Wayne
Doug Sayer shot this ram in Hells canyon last year with Dan Blankenship and his crew at SMO Outfitters

The Duke is the pending Idaho record Bighorn sheep. He holds impressive mass through the curve of his horns, scoring 203 7/8 with SCI and 200 1/8 points in Boone & Crockett! All of Idaho is proud of this ram.

Doug has made only two replicas of this amazing ram. Here’s your chance to own one.

YBGO Stone Sheep/Moose/Grizzly Hunt

Hunt Stone Sheep, Moose and Grizzly Bear in the Yukon with Yukon Big Game Outfitters.

YBGO is located in Canada’s Yukon Territory. YBGO concession is renowned for its wild and uncompromising land which is home to some of the most abundant big game found in the Yukon. Holding Exclusive outfitting rights to Area #20, which is the largest outfitting concession in the Yukon covering approximately 14 million acres or 21,600 square miles of wilderness hunting ground. The largest hunting concession in the world.

This hunt is focused on stone sheep with a harvest fee of $25,000.00 with the harvest of a ram. Harvest fees for moose and grizzly bear are included. On many of the YBGO stone sheep hunts hunters have harvested moose and grizzly bear with a harvest fee for each animal. On this hunt these harvest fees are included for a bonus to the winning bidder of this hunt. Once a ram is harvested the hunt will focus on additional opportunity to harvest a moose and a grizzly bear. YBGO always strives on taking only old age rams and has constantly taken rams on an 11-year old age average. YBGO harvests some of the most stunning colored stone rams taken anywhere. YBGO is home to giant Yukon moose producing bulls over 60-inches wide every year. YBGO has a great area for harvesting grizzly’s and have harvested several over the years on sheep hunts. Hunt dates need to be finalize with outfitter for available dates by bidder upon completion of auction and payment to Idaho WSF.

Proposed tentative hunt date options:

• August 12th to August 25th 2020

• August 25th to September 5th 2021

These hunts options will be backpack or horseback hunts. To be finalized with winning bidder of this hunt and the outfitter.

• October 20th to October 31st. 2020

• October 20th to October 31st. 2021

This is a late season cabin hunt using Argo’s to access ranges and backpack up into the sheep country.

Not included on the hunt:

• Travel to Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

• Lodging and meals before and after the hunt

• Air Charter fee

• 5% GST for the hunt

• Hunting license and tag fees

• Non-Resident Hunter Preservation Fund

• Government harvest fees

• Trophy prep and shipping

• Gratuities

5-Day British Columbia Lynx Hunt – Jeff Baher Trophy Hunting

With Jeff Baher Trophy Hunting. Hunt is for available hunt from November 15, 2020 to February 15, 2021. Final hunt dates to be scheduled with Outfitter for available dates. Jeff has over 20 years guiding and running hounds for one of North Americas most beautiful cats. The Canadian Lynx! On this hunt you will enjoy the experience of Jeff and his hounds in an exciting pursuit for this elusive feline. Additional hunters available for $3,850.00 2on1 hunting with purchaser of auction or $5,400 for 1on1 each. Includes lodging and meals. Winning bidder can also add Mountain Lion to this hunt for an upgraded cost to be arranged with outfitter.

Not Included:

Air transportation to and from Fort St John, BC
Lodging before and after the hunt, Gratuities
Licenses, Tag and Hunter Preservation Fund+Cites and Shipping of your trophy+5% GST ($1,00.00 + 5% GST)

Additional hunters available for $3,850.00 2on1 hunting with purchaser of auction or $5,400 for 1on1 each +Licenses, Tag and Hunter Preservation Fund+Cites and Shipping of your trophy+5% GST. Mountain Lion can also be added for upgraded cost to be arranged with outfitter.

Kynley Wright one-of-a-kind art piece of ‘The Duke’.

More details coming soon.

South Hills Lodge Adult and Youth Pheasant in Idaho

  • Enjoy Idaho upland game hunting at its best with South Hills Lodge located south of Twin Falls. A private hunting preserve with over 2,800 acres. Hunt morning & afternoon with a professional guide and on-point dogs. Offering a variety of land terrain from farm land, groomed crops, ditch banks & natural sage brush. This gives the hunters opportunities to experience a different range of hunting each time they go out. Hunters will stay in first-class 5-bedroom lodge with full course meals served around the clock with appetizers and drinks prior to an evening of fine dining. After a great day of hunting enjoy evenings gathered around the bar, outdoor fire pit, or under the gazebo with your beverage of choice. Stay connected to 4G WIFI and cell service coverage and enjoy shooting a round of skeet or play a game of shuffleboard. Daily bag limit of 10 birds per person. Additional birds can be added for $30.00 per bird. Contact outfitters for additional hunter or non-hunters.
  • Dates: September through December of 2020 final dates to be scheduled with outfitter

Not included with donation:

  • Idaho Hunting License
  • Transportation to Lodge in Twin Falls, ID
  • Lodging or meals before and the hunt
  • Gratuities

Bentz River Exploration 2 day Steelhead Fishing Trip for 6 people on the Salmon River in Idaho

  • Fully Guided 2 Day Steelhead Fishing Trip with Overnight Stay in lodge for 6 people on the Salmon River with Rusty Bentz. Rusty has been fishing the Salmon and Snake Rivers for 50+ years and you are guaranteed to have a great trip. Must be used in the in the Fall of 2020’ or Winter of 2021’.
  • Not included: Fisherman are responsible for licenses, steelhead stamps, and transportation to the river.

Texas Aoudad with Xtreme Oufitters

  • Free Range Aoudad hunt on 350,000 acres of private land in the mountains of far west Texas
  • This is real sheep hunt in real sheep country
  • Hunters can expect to spend the days glassing to locate trophy rams and then hiking to get into position for a shot
  • Accommodations will be a nice ranch house with all amenities
  • Hunter will need to fly into Midland TX, rent a vehicle and travel to Marathon TX to meet the outfitter
  • A $48 exotic license is all that’s needed. Additional persons can be accommodated for $500
  • 3-day hunt for Javelina can be added for $250
  • Desert Bighorn sheep can be added (price available upon request)
  • Hunt can be taken Oct-Nov 2020 or Feb-March 2021

10 week old Male German Shorthair Pointer Puppy

  • AKC Registration available
  • Teton Bird Dogs – Picture 1 is of puppy, picture 2 is the pedigree, pictures 3 and 4 are of the dog’s parents
  • Bloodlines include the INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION No-Mars
  • Haus Vom Enzo NAVDAH Prize 1
  • Puppy is AKC and parents are health screened

Scotland Red Stag, International Adventures

  • Scotland Red Stag (Hill stag), 1 hunter, 5 days Hunt majestic Red Stag on famous Scottish Estates and Castles. Hunt is for September/October 2020 if available or 2021 or 2022. Upgrades available for Estate Red Stags, Roe Deer, Fallow Deer, Pheasant, Partridge.
  • Includes pickup at the airport, meals, lodging at a luxurious hotel, tour guides, and the complete hunting package that includes hunting guides, harvesting and trophy fees one hill Stag.
  • Also available: $1,000 upgrade (per person) includes international airfare. Additional hunters for discounted $4,750 or Non-hunter $2,950.

Benfield Precision

Benfield Precision Ultra-Light Sheep Hunter

  • Weight: Under 5 lbs. (Will have final weight at banquet)
  • Guaranteed 3/4 MOA performance with specified factory ammo
  • Titanium action with 75 degree bolt throw
  • 20″ Featherweight Carbon Fiber barrel
  • Rugged Carbon stock
  • Caliber: 6.5 PRC
  • Winning bid includes free scope mounting and 100 yard zero with customer supplied optic.

7-Day Mountain Lion-Wolf-Bobcat Hunt – White Cloud Outfitters

  • In 2016 Idaho Fish and Game started capturing Bighorn sheep in the East Fork of the Salmon River to study lamb recruitment and monitor mortalities. 61-Bighorn sheep have been collared between 2016 and 2018. Since the collaring there have been 9 confirmed Bighorn Sheep mortalities caused by mountain lions. Help control bighorn sheep mortalities by experiencing an incomparable world class Lion, Wolf and Bobcat hunt with the Farr’s at the Wickiup Ranch on the East Fork of the Salmon River. The comfortable accommodations, delicious home cooked meals, a healthy Mountain Lion population, well trained hounds and professional guides with many years of experience are combined to offer a premier Mountain Lion hunt. Past success is very near 100% with many record book mountain lions taken. With a healthy wolf population offers an excellent opportunity to harvest this beautiful trophy. This unique hunt is unparalleled in the quality of the accommodations, experience and animals available. Hunt will be conducted with the use of 4×4 pickups, ATV, Snow machine and gentle horses.
  • Schedule this hunt for open dates available in the 2020 or 2021 seasons.
  • Not Included: Transportation to Challis ID, Idaho hunting license, mountain lion tag, wolf tag and gratuities

National WSF Life Membership

About half of WSF members are now Life Members, and for good reason: they are the respected bedrock of the foundation and allow us to “Put and Keep Sheep on the Mountain.”

Life Members receive a plaque and Life Member lapel pin, plus all the benefits of a regular membership. Life Members also receive a tax acknowledgement for tax purposes. Life Members are honored at the annual Sheep Show™ convention with an exclusive breakfast and auction. Also at the convention, each Life Member receives a ticket for the convention’s Life Member sheep drawing.

All Life Member dues are placed into a Life Member Fund, which maintains a reserve to serve Life Members in perpetuity and support Life Member conservation and education initiatives.

Canadian High Arctic Adventures Musk Ox Hunt

  • 6-Day Musk Ox hunt. Hunt will be conducted on the main-land and two remote islands in the Northwest Territories. Success rate is near 100% on mature bulls. Inuit guides will take the successful bidder of this auction by snowmobile and Qamutik sleds out on the land for an epic hunting experience. The camps are basic heated wood cabins and spike camps are insulated heated wall tents. The hunt is 1 on 1 with Inuit guide and an assistant guide. The hunting will be done by traveling by snowmobile looking for small groups of Musk Ox. Once heard is located, the final stock is done on foot. Past hunting clients have taken several record book bulls each year with rifle and archery equipment. Spring and Fall hunt dates are available and to be scheduled with the outfitter.
  • Dates: If a spring hunt is selected it will be scheduled on available dates late March to the end of April 2020 or 2021. If fall hunt is selected it will be scheduled on available dates in August and September 2020 or 2021. Fall hunt is ideal for a hunter who does not want the extreme cold weather. Travel on fall hunts are by ATV and Boats. Wolf may be added to both fall and spring hunts for $1,500.00. A second Musk Ox can be added on both spring and fall hunts for an additional $9,000.00 and tags must be arranged prior to the hunt. Additional hunters are welcome at $9,000.00 each and non-hunters are welcome for $2,500.00 each. Hunter may choose rifle, muzzleloader or archery. The hunt arrival and departure point will be village in NWT where hunt will be conducted with final location details arranged with outfitter.

Not included:

5% GST for hunt
NWT hunting license and tags fees
NWT government trophy fees
Transportation to NWT Canada
Hotels and meals before and after the hunt
Trophy preparation, creating and shipping
Canadian firearm permit

Canada Goose and Duck Hunt for Two Hunters with Ameri-Cana Expeditions Inc.

A world-renowned bird hunter’s paradise awaits two hunters on this 3-day waterfowl hunt in the heartland of Alberta, Canada. Hunt white-fronted geese, snow geese, Ross geese, blue geese, Canada geese and ducks on this hunt donated by Nick and Dan Frederick of Ameri-Cana Expeditions.

  • Current Daily limit is eight Canada/Grey geese, fifty snow geese and eight ducks
  • Possession limits are twenty-four Canada/Grey, one hundred and fifty snow and twenty-four ducks
  • Most hunting is done over decoys in grain fields
  • Any non-hunters are to remain at the lodge during the hunt
  • Arrival/departure point is Edmonton, Alberta

Included are:

  • Accommodations in the 3,600 square-foot, first-rate Battle River lodge with private bedrooms and baths
  • All meals
  • Full guide service
  • Ground transportation from/to Edmonton
  • Additional hunters are welcome for $2,950; non-hunters for $600

Not included are:

  • Licenses ($200 hunter)
  • GST 5% ($142.50)
  • Coolers for transporting birds
  • Gun rental ($125 if needed)
  • Bird cleaning ($8/goose and $6/duck)
  • Firearm permits
  • Gratuities and any before/after hunt expenses or meals.

Shikar Safaris Bezoar Ibex in Turkey

  • Shikar Safaris is proud to donate a 7 day Bezoar (Anatolian) Ibex hunt in Turkey. Dates are November 2020-March 2021 (Please check exact open dates). Arrival/Departure city is Istanbul. The hunt includes an Ibex trophy fee up to 39”. You may upgrade for other areas where bigger trophies are available. Other species to upgrade are Anatolian Chamois, Konya Sheep, Mid Eastern Stag, Wild boar or any other game in Asia & Europe. The areas are located around 1 hour domestic flights from Istanbul and then 1-2 hours of car ride. It’s a great opportunity to bring non-hunters, do some sightseeing tours and visit some of the best masterpieces of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.
  • Dates: November 2020-March 2021

Included: Accommodations, meals, ground transportation, hunting license, gun import permit, 1×1 guiding, 1 non-hunter (sharing the same room) are included.

Not included: When the game is bagged or wounded, the hunt is over. Any accommodations, meals, drinks, tours after or before the hunt are not included. Cites export permit, vet. Certificate, trophy shipment, customs broker fees, international or domestic flights, tips are not included.

Joel Pilcher original art ‘Collision Course’

  • Framed 24” x 36” charcoal and acrylic paint on Canvas
  • Donated by Joel Pilcher –

Eastern (Dagestan Tur) Hunt in Azerbaijan with Asian Mountain Outfitters (AMO)

  • Travel to Azerbaijan to hunt Eastern (Dagestan) Tur with Asian Mountain Outfitters
  • This hunt is conducted using horses and a lot of mountain hiking at high elevations
  • Hunters need to be in good physical condition
  • The hunt is comparable to a British Columbia Mountain Goat hunt, but with minimal brush
  • Fog, snow and/or rain can occur on most hunts
  • This is typically a very difficult hunt and the hunters need to be experienced in mountain hunting (9,000-12,000’, depending on the area) and long-range shooting (200-500 yards) and spiking out in a hut or backpack style tents
  • This Tur hunt includes 5 days of hunting plus a ½ day of driving/travel each way from Baku to the hunting area and back
  • If extra days are needed, they can be added for $350/day
  • Driven hunts can be organized for non-fit hunters, but we don’t recommend hunting Tur in this manner
  • Each hunter has one guide and one assistant
  • Typical Tur sizes are 28-34”
  • Tur of 40”+ have been taken, but animals of this size are rare
  • Hunt dates are June thru mid-October
  • The winning bidder need to coordinate their hunt dates with one or two of our other clients or you can bring a friend who books a Tur hunt
  • Mid-August through early October are best times for good capes, great trophy quality and small chance for snow
  • Later season hunting is for the more adventuresome and it is more difficult to find a big one due to more challenging weather conditions
  • Early hunts have great weather (hot) but the skins are with shorter hair
  • If the winning bidder cannot hunt during a time one of our other clients is going (we need groups of 2 hunters for logistics reasons), additional fees will apply (approximately $1,000) to hunt a different date as it’s expensive to accommodate and host just one hunter
  • Arrangements can be made to postpone the hunt to a future year, with approval from Asian Mountain Outfitters; also, any additional Government license fee increases after the time of the donation, will be paid by the hunter
  • This hunt includes one Tur with no additional trophy fees
    Hunter is responsible for the flights to and from Baku, Azerbaijan (travel is thru Istanbul Turkey via LAX, Houston, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta or JFK on Turkish Airlines), Visa (completed a couple months before departure), lodging before or after hunt (1-2 nights in hotel at $70-150/night) and staff tips (about $1,000-1,250 usd)
  • Also, Tur became a CITES animal in 2018, so animals need to be shipped
  • This new CITES permit plus shipping is between 1600 and 1900 USD and is paid by the hunter before the trophy is shipped
  • If the hunter does not have an opportunity to harvest a Tur, there is a $2,000 refund or credit, which can be applied to a future hunt
  • A non-hunting companion is welcome for $2,500
  • A second Tur can be added for $4,500 USD
  • If hunt space is available for additional hunters, on the same hunt date, the cost is $9,500-10,000 depending on the number of hunters coming
  • Our outfitting partners speak English and they provides transportation to and from the hunting area, local guides, assistants, cooks, vehicles, horses (where needed), camps, food, lodging, and interpreter if they are not on the hunt (usually one English-speaking per camp), depending on the date and area being hunted
  • Make sure you check out Asian Mountain Outfitters website for more information and their PDF brochure download
  • The value of this hunt can be applied to any hunt which AMO offers should the winning bidder choses this option

7-day Canadian Moose Hunt with Wicked River Outfitters in NW British Columbia

  • Lodge based with use of vehicles or horses
  • Third week in October 2020

2-Day Roe Buck Hunt in Scotland with South Ayrshire Stalking

  • 2 days hunting for roe bucks and 3 nights’ accommodation for one hunter and one non-hunter. Includes 2 days of guided stalking in the Scottish Lowlands along with the trophy fee for one Roe buck. Rifle and ammunition are provided. Hunt mornings and evenings normally at first and last light for 3 or 4 hours. In the mornings you’ll be back for breakfast with the other guests. Midday is free to tour local castles or play a round of golf on one of many nearby courses. Lodging will be at Garryloop Guesthouse in a small cottage. The cottage has a double en-suite bedroom & a kitchen /dining area fully equipped with fitted units, table & chairs, digital TV & sofa bed. Breakfast is included on B&B basis for 2. Upgrades available for additional days of stalking and additional hunters, also for additional Roe bucks and does, Red deer stags and hinds (w/in season).
  • Hunt takes place April 1 to mid-August 2020 or 2021, a perfect addition to a family vacation.

Not included: Transportation to Garryloop, stalkers tips, and any cull/trophy charges for additional animals.

Southern Mountain Adventures, New Zealand Bull Tahr hunt

  • Croc’s donation is for a 5-day hunt for Trophy Himalayan Bull Tahr. One hunter and one non-hunter. Typical hunts are from March through June. Package includes pick-up and drop off at Queenstown Airport, transport, guiding, food and accommodation during the hunt Also included are the use of a rifle and field preparation of trophies for shipment to your taxidermist. Hunt is scheduled for 2020 but may be pushed back until 2021. This hunt may be upgraded to include Red Stag and Chamois for additional trophy fees.
  • Many IWSF members have hunted with Croc, now it’s your turn. IWSF References: Jerry Walters, Joe Curry, Rick Southwell.

Cape Buffalo Cow & Plains Game African Safari with Trompettersfontein Safaris

7-day hunt (3 days for buffalo and 4 days for plains game). Not your typical safari!

Feel the thrill of stalking into a herd of Cape Buffalo, Dugga Boys staring you down as you pick out a mature well horned Cow Cape Buffalo. After the Buffalo pursue other game such as kudu, gemsbok, and impala.

Includes: daily rates, cow Cape buffalo trophy fee, full accommodations in the on-site chalet and hearty meals. Additional days and/or species may be added at regular daily rate and trophy fees. Additional hunters are welcome at $350/day. Non-hunters at $200/day.

Not Included: airport transfers, transport of trophy to taxidermist and taxidermist costs, dip & ship costs, gratuities to staff, 14% value added tax, all alcoholic beverages.

Side trips can be organized through outfitter to various Parks and places of interest at an additional cost.

African Safari – Graham Sales Safaris

  • 7-Day South Africa Safari for two hunters with Graham Sales Safaris
  • South Africa’s largest Provincial Nature Reserve – Songimvelo Nature Reserve
  • $2,000 towards trophy fees per hunter
  • 2020 hunt dates
  • The grassy plains of Singimvelo Nature Reserve are home to herds of Buffalo, Blesbok, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Red Hartebeest, Springbuck and Zebra while within the wooded and hillside areas one will find Giraffe, Kudu, Mountain Reedbuck and Elephant
  • There are also numbers of White Rhino and Leopard on the Reserve

Coues Whitetail – Diamond Outfitters of Arizona

  • 5-day muzzleloader hunt for Coues deer and mountain lion for 2 hunters in Arizona, on public and/or private land
  • Can upgrade to rifles for $500 per hunter
  • Dates: Schedule with outfitter for Nov of 2020-2027
  • Hunters fly into Phoenix or Tucson; pickup may be available for $200 per hunter
  • Accommodations: Heated canvas cabin tents, trailers, or heated wall tents
  • Amenities Included: Guides, meals (including non-alcoholic beverages and snacks), lodging, private property access fees, if required, USFS and BLM permits, tax, trophy fees for one Coues deer and one mountain lion per hunter, field transportation during the hunt, field processing and delivery to local butcher and taxidermist (if needed).
  • Amenities not included: AZ license is $160 per hunter and the deer tag is $350 per hunter, mountain lion tag is $75, application fee is $40
  • 100% draw, no bonus points needed! Outfitter will procure your tags

3-Day Cow Elk Hunt – Big Lost River Outfitters

  • One adult and one youth hunter
  • With Big Lost River Outfitters
  • Cow elk hunt for one adult and one youth hunter
  • Hunt is for 2020
  • Final hunt dates to be scheduled with Outfitter for available dates
  • Hunt is for 3-days to be scheduled over a weekend
  • Arriving at the BLRO lodge on a Thursday night departing on the following Sunday night
  • Hunt includes the Outfitter allocated controlled hunt tags
  • Winning bidder must pay for the Idaho Fish and Game license and tag fees
  • Youth hunter must meet the requirements of the Idaho Fish and Game to hunt in Idaho


  • Accommodations and meals during the hunt

Not Included:

  • Transportation to and from BLRO lodge in Mackay, ID
  • Idaho Fish and Game License and Tag fees
  • Gratuities

IWSF references: Jim Warner, Don Colter

10-day Mountain Goat Hunt with Terminus Mountain Outfitters

  • Hunt is for 2021
  • Final hunt dates to be scheduled with Outfitter for available dates for either year
  • Terminus Mountain Outfitters has a healthy mountain goat population
  • The billies at this time of year have gotten their winter capes, which makes for beautiful life-size mount
  • Be prepared to do some climbing to access the goats and on occasions it is required to wait for the goats to feed in an area, which you can access
  • Although there is no regulation on Goats Terminus Mountain Outfitters encourage harvesting of billies only

Sheep Wall Pedestal Mount with Habitat

  • Donated by Dewey Wildlife Studio

ESPACAZA Mouflon Sheep Hunt

  • Spain, Mouflon Sheep Hunt for one hunter. Take advantage of this great hunt and the opportunity to hunt Mouflon sheep. Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation encourages hunter to take advantage of this great opportunity to upgrade to include other sought after species to include Spanish Ibex (4 species), Chamois, (2 species), or Red Stag on a trophy fee basis. ESPACAZA is well know to be the specialist in the Slam or Spanish Ibex in Spain. Jose has personally guided several Top Ten trophies of the four different species of Ibex in Spain! Jose has also guided many of the Wild Sheep Foundation members.
  • Amenities included: Trophy fees for (1) Mouflon Sheep, reception at the airport, clearance of guns, transportation from Madrid to all hunting areas, professional hunter 1×1 (English speaking), and accommodations (room & meals) plus 4-days daily rate for (1) hunter. First class accommodations and fine meals.
  • Amenities not included: Airfare to and from Madrid, taxidermy, veterinary certificates and export permits ($150 per trophy), hunting license ($250), shipping and 21% VAT on donation value ($1,785), non-hunters welcome for $350. Additional animal harvest to be arranged with outfitter.
  • Dates: 2020 or 2021, dates to be finalized with outfitters.

Wingshooting Unlimited Argentina

  • 4 days dove hunting and 1 day of duck hunting
  • OR golden ‘dorado’ fishing day for 5 people in Argentina
  • With Wingshooting Unlimited Argentina

Iberian Red Stag hunt + Flamenco Dancing VIP show pass – Eurohunts

  • 4 day 1×1 rifle hunt for 1 hunter and 1 non-hunter, for Iberian Red Stag
  • Including Reception at the airport by eurohunts staff in Madrid
  • Clearance of firearms
  • Professional (1×1) English speaking hunting guide
  • Local guides/rangers with SUV & 4×4 cars
  • All ground transportation including airport transfers
  • Luxury-charm country style hotel
  • All meals including Spanish wines and spirits
  • Trophy fee for one Red Stag
  • Trophy field preparation and scoring by Master Measure
  • The hunt takes place in the best private hunting reserves in the states of Cantabria, Asturias and Castilla y Leon
  • Schedule dates fall 2019 or 2020 (rutting period)

Upgrades include: 4 Spanish Ibex (Gredos, Beceite, Southeastern and Ronda), 2 chamois (Cantabrian and Pyrenean), European fallow deer, Roe deer, Iberian Mouflon sheep, Balearian goat and Aoudad sheep as per current price list. Additional hunters welcome per current price list.

Not included: Non-resident state hunting licence $180, mandatory hunting insurance $100, medal category tag, trophy taxidermy, hotels after or before the hunt in Madrid if needed and 21% V.A.T on the hunt value.

Wolf Huntin Adventures: Alberta Wolf Hunt for 2 hunters or may exchange for spring bear

  • Come hunt wolves in Alberta for 6 days with Byron Wolf from December 2021-March 2022. Byron is a repeat donor to the Alberta WSF chapter and with a last name like Wolf would you want to hunt wolves with anyone else?! Hunts take place from heated ground blinds over baits. Typical baits are 250-300 yards from blinds. Byron averages 70% shot opportunities on large wolves and there are NO Bag limits! Hunt may be exchanged for a spring bear hunt in 2020 with 2 bears per hunter over bait. Spring bear camp also offers excellent fishing from camp. Winner must arrange exact hunt dates ASAP with outfitter.
  • Accommodations for wolf hunt include Lodging and transportation to blinds, 3 meals a day. Spring bear hunts take place in remote bear camp from outfitter tents.

Not included: transportation to Manning Alberta, license $100, and gratuities. Additional hunters welcome for $4500 each.

Antelope Shoulder mount – Sundance Taxidermy

  • Antelope or Mule Deer Shoulder Mount or value towards a larger mount by regionally recognized taxidermy artist Bob Ulshafer
  • An ardent supporter of sheep, Bob is an Idaho Wild Sheep Life Member and has served on the IWSF Board of Directors
  • His mounts, particularly of sheep, are renowned
  • Now you too can have one of Bob’s mounts to enjoy
    Antelope or Mule Deer shoulder mount or $735 towards a taxidermy mount of larger value
  • The hunter is responsible for the balance

Bell Wildlife Specialties, Kansas Trophy Whitetail hunt in 2020 or 2021

  • Pick your weapon with flexible hunt dates and come hunt whitetails in Kansas
  • The Bells have been operating for over 20 years and have been a long time supporter of Wild Sheep Foundation
  • If you are looking for Boone & Crockett trophy whitetail deer, wild turkey, quail, prairie chicken, predators, or dove, Bell Wildlife Specialties has it all!
  • All hunting takes place on 20,000 acres of privately owned ground in Eastern Kansas outside of Topeka. Trophy potential of 140-160+ is excellent!
  • Accommodations include: 5 days hunting semi guided with transportation to stands and scouting information, bunkhouse and cabin style lodging, 3 meals a day, caping and salting of capes. Meat processing and taxidermy is available on site for an additional cost.
  • Not included: Transportation to Lodge in Harveyville, KS; Hunt license $98 and tag is $442 **Apply for permits by April 24, 2020** Contact outfitter ASAP for assistance in applying. We have had 98% success in the drawing to date! Additional hunters welcome, contact outfitter for availability and cost.

Eden Ridge Oregon Black tail & Black Bear Hunt

  • 5-Day Black Tail & Black bear hunt for 2020 or 2021 in SW Oregon. Eden Ridge Outfitters invites you to hunt Oregon, where we will help you to experience the thrill, challenge, and adventure of an Oregon wilderness, professionally guided big game hunt. As an Oregon hunting outfitter we specialize in combination black tail deer hunts, and black bear hunts in the beautifully rugged country of Oregon.

Included: Accommodations and trophy fees.

Not included: Hunter Responsible for Hunting License and Transportation to and from outfitter. License fee of $172.00 & Deer Tag fee of +-$450 and Bear Tag at $16.50. Non-transferrable.

Scotland Roe Buck, International Adventures Unlimited

1 hunter for 2 Roe Bucks, 5 days on famous Scottish Estates and Castles. Roe buck are usually hunted May – June (their rut), but can be hunted in the fall too. Perfect opportunity to hunt while on a summer European vacation. Hunt in 2020 (if available) or 2021 or 2022.

Includes pickup at airport, meals, lodging at the luxurious Gen Lui Hotel, tour guides, and the complete hunting package that includes hunting guides, harvesting and trophy fees for two Roe Bucks.

Also available: $1,000 upgrade (per person) includes international airfare. Additional hunters available for: discounted at $4,950, non-hunters $2,950.

Special note: Add on a week vacation in a tower castle in south France for bringing two additional hunting guests.

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