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Idaho Wild Sheep

About Us

The Mission

The mission of Idaho Wild Sheep is to enhance wild sheep populations in Idaho, and with partners in adjacent states, for public enjoyment, education, and fair chase hunting; to promote professional wildlife management, and protect sportsmen’s rights.


The Idaho Wild Sheep was founded in 1982 by two dozen concerned sportsmen who wanted to “put more bighorns on Idaho’s mountains.” From that core group, many of which are still very active on our board and committees, we have grown to a thriving organization with more than 800 committed members.

Idaho Wild Sheep

Our Mission

The Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation is involved in a number of activities, programs and issues dealing with bighorn sheep in the state of Idaho. The money raised during our banquet is used for operations, addressing pertinent bighorn conservation issues working on special projects, fighting political threats and keeping you our supporters informed and engaged. The links in the left margin of our home page highlights a few of the issues and programs Idaho WSF has been involved with recently.

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Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation

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