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Our History

The Idaho Wild Sheep was founded in 1982 by two dozen concerned sportsmen who wanted to “put more bighorns on Idaho’s mountains.” From that core group, many of which are still very active on our board and committees, we have grown to a thriving organization with more than 1,300 committed members.

Idaho WSF Membership
  • Annual Membership: $45
  • Lifetime Membership: $1,000 (payment plan available)
  • Lifetime upgrade to Centennial: $1,000 (payment plan available)
  • Centennial Membership: $2,000 (payment plan available)


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Benefits of Idaho WSF Membership

  • Representation at Fish and Game Commission Meetings
  • Contact with Idaho State Legislature
  • Chapter Newsletter
  • Special Project Participation
  • Member of Hells Canyon Bighorn Restoration Initiative with Washington and Oregon
  • Support and work with Washington State University on bighorn disease researchers
  • Continue to educate politicians on the scientifically proven disease transmission to bighorn from domestic sheep and goats
  • Help fund and support bighorn sheep ground foot surveys in the Big Creek area in the Middle Fork of the Salmon River
  • Interaction with other Wildlife Organizations
  • Idaho Bighorn Lottery Tag Tickets
  • A number of peer reviewed professional papers HAVE conclusively provided scientific proof of disease transmission from domestic sheep/goats to bighorn
  • Encourage use of “Risk of Contact Model” on public lands to determine risks associated with domestic sheep
  • Educate public on risks of disease transmission to bighorn, even the slightest exposure
  • Review and comment on land use documents, advocate for bighorn
  • Worked with and helped fund efforts by the National Wildlife Federation to help secure retirements on allotments with domestic sheep threats to bighorn. In some situations the class of livestock was converted from domestic sheep to livestock.
Every year the Idaho Department of Fish and Game raffles off one tag for a bighorn sheep in Idaho.
Winner will be able to hunt in any unit open to sheep hunting for Rocky Mountain or California bighorn, pursuant to Fish & Game regulations including Unit 11, Hells Canyon of the Snake River.

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Idaho wild sheep

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